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For Veterinarians

If you are interested in offering rehabilitation services at your clinic whether on a case by case basis or with regular hours, please contact us. We require a minimum of 2 patients to travel to your hospital. Alternatively, we are available to see patients on a referral basis at partnering hospitals in Denver, CO. You may also team with another local clinic for us to come to so that we are close to your clients.

Please rest assured, the patients seen by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Rehabilitation will only be offered services relating to their rehabilitation treatment and evaluation. We will work together so that we serve as an adjunct to the medical and surgical care you provide clients at your clinic. We prefer that diagnostics such as radiographs and bloodwork continue to be performed by you, their veterinarian, but can accommodate performing diagnostics at one of our partnering facilities if needed.

We are happy to stop by your clinic for an introduction and can provide references upon request.  We look forward to working with you to bring rehabilitation therapy into your practice.